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Songs from St. Hazards Playlist

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If you’re excited for summer 2021, you’re not alone. While we wait for Memorial day weekend to make it official, here’s some timeless music selections to help you get ready.

Buffalo Soldier

From Bob Marley’s 1983 album Confrontation, “fighting on arrival/fighting for survival.” The opposite of how it should feel coming to Middle Bass.

All Nations

From Big Youth Side A of their 1975 album, another timeless classic.

Here I Come

Often imitated and always original, Barryington Levy has risen in popularity in recent years.


Shaggy takes us back to a simpler time.

Is This Love

Bob Marley’s famous song about love.

Tin Cup Chalice

Jimmy Buffett living on island time.

Sunshine in the Music

Does this song put you in a good mood?

Hot Stepper

The song that led to the 90’s hit, Here Comes the Hot Stepper (turn it up).